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The Richard George Foundation (RGF) inaugurated its digital learning hub

Richard George, Chairman RGF, while briefing newsmen shortly after the inauguration, said that it was expected that the facility would serve as a knowledge hub for young talented graduates.

George said that the vision of the Foundation was to start raising young talented Africans, who would become real change-makers.

”Because we believe that those whose world has not changed are those who will absolutely change the world. And we want to play a part in this, ” he said.

He explained that RGF was an organisation set up to provide empowerment for young talented graduates, adding that the pillars of the Foundation were three-fold

He said the fold included skills acquisition development, which could be technical or soft skills.

Others he said included education, which was not in the formal structure as was common, and then entrepreneurship opportunities.

The chairman added that it was hoped that the facility would provide an opportunity for it to begin to birth concepts and ideas that will become the start-up business for tomorrow’s young talented Nigerians.

He disclosed that the NGO was just nine months old as it was birthed on Nov. 22, 2023, adding that the Foundation was anxious to hit a key milestone.

“This is part of the milestone before we turn one year,” he said.

He also disclosed that since the birth of the Foundation, no fewer than 52 mentees had been mentored in the first cohort, adding that another 50 mentees were being unburdened to commence the second cohort in mid-October.

“It is a continuous exercise and our mentorship programme is designed for only six months at a time.

“And, we also create opportunities for the mentees to undertake internships in several organisations that are partnering with us or supporting our vision.

“We also provide the opportunity for them to continue their learning or choose a different career part,” he said.

George noted that several challenges pose limitations which hamper young men and women in Nigeria as discovered Foundation through research.

He said this included the inability of several young graduates to own laptops or devices for continuous learning improvement, resources for data, and internet connectivity and reliability.

“These limitations affect the continuous growth of the mindset of several of the nation’s young talents.

“So before they go into employment, they lack the skills to be able to function in an organised setting,” he also said.

He further said that unemployment had social issues and consequences for the demographics (18 to 35) years, which the Foundation was focusing on.

“Increase in unemployment from the research by KPMG is pointing to 43 per cent, which means we are talking of a ticking time bomb.

“Having this type of facility is an opportunity for them to transfer energy into a place where engagement, communication, and teamwork will thrive.

“And our job is to ensure that the mentorship against our ethos and principles embedded as customer practice so as to become real change makers,” George further said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the symbolic tape cutting of the facility was done by Mrs Astrid Arens, President/Founder, Voice Aid Association, Germany, one of the partners of the Foundation.

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