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Strategic  Partners

At the Richard George Foundation (RGF), our Strategic Partners play a unique role in our sustainability as an organisation.

Strategic Partners are individuals and corporate donors who commit to either a one-off donation of a minimum of one million Naira #1,000,000; £1500 pounds; $2500 dollars, €2800 euros) or a regular donation that guarantees organisational sustainability, cost of operations and delivery of RGF vision and values with a positive impact on the mentees development and progress.

To become a Strategic Partner please complete the below form. 

All Strategic Partners will receive a six months FREE subscription from our development partner RAM ANTIVIRUS; a world leading Anti virus security and protection system against latest viruses and malware (T&C apply).

All Strategic Partners will be featured on RGF websites and platforms. A database of Strategic Partners shall be maintained on the RGF secure website and platforms. Agreed meetings will be held with Strategic Partners by the President and CEO of RGF to better align expectations and support required including regular feedback to address changing needs. 

All Strategic Partners will receive RGF quarterly newsletter and half-yearly management/financial reports

All Strategic Partners will be listed in RGF half-yearly and end of year financial and management reports. This is part of the foundation’s stakeholder relationship and management and to ensure all parties are getting value from the relationship. 

All Strategic partners will have exclusive access and invitation to all RGF events and programmes (both in Nigeria and the U.K)

RGF will assist all Non U.K. Strategic Partners with consular letters of invitation to attend its scheduled programmes both in the U.K. or other countries.