Development Partners

At the Richard George Foundation (RGF), our Development Partners are a critical success factor to our vision of empowerment through mentoring and entrepreneurship.
Development Partners are providers and facilitators of workplace environment and opportunities where our mentees can be deployed as:
  • Interns
  • Work based experience
  • Transition into world of work
  • Project placements

Development Partners enable our mentees to transfer acquired knowledge and learnings into real work environment. They create opportunities through work for RGF mentees to test new models, frameworks and apply system design thinking in whatever they do by way of personal growth, organisational strengthening and adding value to existing processes, procedures, customs and practices.

The experience gained from such opportunities is designed to help inform mentees decision-making:

  • Their attraction to paid employment and corporate world
  • Their drive towards entrepreneurship as individuals or through collaboration

Make Your First Impact .

We at RGF are committed to empowering young graduates through mentorship and entrepreneurship investments. Our vision is to contribute to the development of future talented young African graduates and to help them fulfil their potentials. Our mission is to raise Africa’s change makers! You can support our work through your generous donation or by becoming one of our Strategic or Development Partners.